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Monday, January 20, 2014

Art Trans, Painting exhibition at Lalitha Kala Academy Art Gallery, Thrissur.

A painting Exhibition named Art Trans  is being organised on January 25th, 2014, at Lalitha Kala Academy  Art Gallery, Thrissur. There is no entrance fee for the exhibition.

Art Trans depicts the  artistic picturisation of the society in various blending of colours. The canvases  upholds the changes of the society, the values and demoralization of the society, the revolutionary trends among the people etc.

Worl Wide Art Movement, a facebook get together, includes the activities and expressions of 14 artists, is the organisers behind Art Trans.They not only exhibits  artistic talents and technologies through Art Trans but also throws sharp  queries  to the young and old mind alike that may arouse deep thoughts in the subconsiousness of the people.

The large canvasses with black and white pictures of humans as well as animals is one of the main attractions of the exhibition. One of the picture metaphorises man to a big spider eating small human damsel flies. There are so  many other paintings that holds and challenges the minds of the people like environmental issues, women empowerment, childhood nostalgia etc.     

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