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Friday, January 3, 2014

A Gallery of World Wild Fund for Nature at Thiruvananthapuram

  A project initiated on 2007, shut down after three months due to Central policy imposing restrictions on charitable trusts such as WWF-India from earning profit through exhibitions, once again resurrected in the same old garage at  Moolavilakom, Thiruvananthapuram.Kerala is the only State that proudlly hosts such a gallery.
          One wall of the gallery  has well illustrated volumes of reference books of  WWF publications including Marine Turtles along the Indian Coast, For a Living Ganga, Handbook on Entrepreneurship, How to start eco-friendly small-scale business etc.
              The collections in display includes lamp shades, coffee mugs, pen-stands made of bamboo and jute, corporate neck ties  marked by tiny pandas, elephants etc., desk and wall calendars, diaries and notebooks emblazoned with the photos of the Giant Panda,jute and cloth bags. The State office of WWF may also tie up with NGOs in  Kerala to diversify the exhibits that manufactures eco-friendly items.

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