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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Annamanada, Kerala's First Vadya Kala Gramam

Thrissur, 30 January, 2014: Annamanada village in Thrissur will be declared as the first Vadya Kala gramam in Kerala.

Annamanada, a village near Mala in Thrissur is the birth place of Achutha Marar, Parameswara Marar, Peethambara Marar, legends in Panchavadya. The works by the trio has resulted in the  Panchavadya which we see now.

Kuzhur village near Annamanada is also famous for its Panchavadya heritage. Kuzhur Kuttappa Marar, Narayana Marar, Chandran Marar were the pioneers from the village.

Achutha Marar Memorial Vadya Kala Kendram at Annamanada is one of the leading Panchavadya teaching centre in the state.

Steps in naming Annamanada and Kuzhur as the Vadya Kala Gramam is on the underway. The government has also granted 15 lakh rupees for the initiative.

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