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Monday, January 20, 2014

Crop Guide(Krishi Guide) Njattuvela Calendar for Farmers

A novel joint venture of Agriculture Department and Thrissur District Panchayat, published a calendar aimed at helping Farmers, which included all the snippets related to nature friendly farming and lifestyle.

It is a complete crop guide that gives information about Njattuvela based seasonal  agricultural practices acquired from traditional native wisdom of the farmers.

What are the measures to be taken to raise Mundakan rice,When is the paddy grains sown, When is it to be harvested,When should we have the vaccination for cattle breeds? All the doubts and queries from the farmers are answered in this  Crop Calendar Guide.

It also comprises a very vivid description about all agricultural practices related to crops like paddy, coconut, vegetables and spices.Water Management and soil management is another important aspect of this Crop Calendar.

The calendar prepared by Thrissur Water Shed Cell cum Data Centre has enthralling,  exciting, lively  pictures of Agriculture farming and livelihood. The Calendar is published by Thrissur District Panchayat President, C.C. SreeKumar.The venture is launched across 5 Block Panchayats- Chovannur, Kodakara, Vellangallur and Cherpu. 

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