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Sunday, January 12, 2014

KSEB How to take new connection, permanent, temporary

Applicants can apply in prescribed format for obtaining permanent or temporary electricity connection. The application should reach the authorised KSEB section office or Assistant Engineer.

The following documents has to be submitted for new low tension service connection

1.Proof of Identity (Photo Identity Card).
2.Ownership Certificate. In case of service connection for domestic purpose and for construction purpose approved plan / building permit issued by local body also is acceptable. In case of Service connection for agricultural purpose, Building number issued by local body will not be insisted if possession certificate for land issued by revenue authority is produced.
3.Sketch showing details of connected equipments, marked in building plan.
4.Test Certificate of Capacitor Banks, if applicable.
5.Test Certificate of energy meter & replacement agreement, if consumer supplies meter.
6.Consumer's Installation Completion Certificate.
7.Certificate for claiming exemption from payment of cost for providing service connection, if applicable.
8.Consents / Authorisations / Approvals wherever applicable.
9.Indemnity Bond, if applicable.
10.Self addressed & stamped envelope / post card.
11.Energisation approval from the Electrical Inspector along with approved schematic diagram (applicable to high-rise buildings & HT, EHT connections).

source: KSEB

Download Application form for KSEB Service Connection application form (English from KSEB WEBSITE) 


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