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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Neera Drink from Kerala Agricultural University to hit market

Thrissur, 26 February, 2014: Kerala Agricultural University (KAU) will commercially launch its non-alcoholic drink 'Neera' on February 28, 2014.

Neera, technically termed unfermented coconut inflorescence sap also called Keramrutham is a non alcoholic drink rich with Vitamin C, Calcium, Phosphorus, Iron etc. It is tastier than Tender Coconut water and non-alcoholic unlike Toddy.

The Neera drink is currently available at the outlets run by Kerala Agricultural University. After its commercial launch it will be made available through shops all over Kerala. The drink will cost Rs. 25 per 200ml and is expected to be reduced to Rs. 10 soon.

Currently Keramarutham is being processed from 100 coconut palms in the KAU campus at Thrissur. New plants will be opened at Trivandrum and kozhikode soon. A minimum of 1.5 litre of Neera could be tapped per coconut tree per day.

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