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Monday, December 21, 2015

I grew up hating India-Imran khan

      Former Pakistan cricket captain Imran Khan said,as child, he grew up hating India.But,after his tour of India,his misconception about India changed dramatically.He is of the opinion that Indians and Pakistanis have lot more commonalities between them.

    He said “I grew up hating India because I grew up in Lahore and there were massacres of 1947, so much bloodshed and anger. But as I started touring India, I got such love and friendship there that all this disappeared,”.

     He added “As time passed, I realised that there's so much we have in common. We have a similar history, there's so much in culture that's so similar compared to Western countries. Above all, there is so much the people of two countries (can) benefit from if we have a civilised relationship".

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