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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Eden Villa Old Age Home Thrissur

Eden Villa Old Age Home is a complex constructed by Bharathakshemam and situate in Mundathicode village, Aryampadam Desom, Thalappilly Taluk, Thrissur District very proximite to Govt. Medical College and New Medical University, Thrissur. The managing committee shall administer the Eden Villa residential project. The day-to-day administration shall be carried out through the manager appointed by the Company for that purpose

Any individual who has completed the age of 65, and in the case of couple, either of them should have completed the age of 65. Applications are available from the office of the Company at Bharathakshemam Buildings, St. Thomas College Road, Thrissur-680 005.

The admission as resident in the “Eden Villa“ is the sole discretion of the company. On favourable consideration of the application by the company, the following amounts shall be paid by the resident or sponsor on the date of admission itself.

1) Refundable deposit of Rs.6 Lakhs.
2) Non Refundable Donation of Rs.2 Lakhs .

Charges for food, chargeable medical expenses and maintenance charges shall be payable at the end of every month by the sponsor or the resident as the case may be. Charges are revisable once in two years by 10%. Food and other expenses for the bystanders and relatives are chargeable.

Routine health check up once in two weeks, which includes blood pressure/blood/urine glucose and cholesterol once a month.
Medical assistance will be provided for common diseases by the company. Hospitalisation and further treatment if suggested by the resident doctor shall be at the expense of the sponsor or the resident in the hospital of their choice.

Other facilities provided:

1. Daily room cleaning
2. Room making once in a week.
3. Telephone facility in all rooms
4. Seperate refrigerator for residents in villa A type
5.. Hot water
6.Television with Cable connection .
7. Internet
8. Laundry.
9. Recreation .
10.Supply of Two News papers one in English and one in Malayalam and three periodicals in the reading room.
11.The close relatives whose names are specified in the application form will be permitted to reside with the resident in villa for a maximum
12.Weekly outing to Thrissur town from 10 am to 3 pm.
13.Picnic for one day once a year.

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