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Friday, May 20, 2016

Datsun redi-GO at Pinnacle Nissan Thrissur

Datsun Motors hasy unveiled its highly anticipated third model, the Urban-Cross Datsun redi-GO.

The Datsun redi-GO is India’s first Urban-Cross, a car that takes the best features of a crossover and mixes them with the major attributes of an urban hatchback.
It combines the roominess, best in class ground clearance (185mm) and sheer fun of a crossover and blends that with zippy driving and fuel efficiency of an affordable compact hatchback.

With fresh, eye-catching styling, the Datsun redi-GO boasts striking character lines along the bodywork.  The distinctive ‘D-cut’ grille, headlamps and rear lamps are combined to create a sense of dynamism and sophistication.

The Datsun redi-GO is based on the versatile Common Module Family (CMF-A) platform from the Renault-Nissan Alliance. Powered by an all-new 0.8L three-cylinder fuel efficient engine paired with a five speed manual transmission, the Datsun redi-GO delivers lively dynamic performance and high fuel efficiency.

The redi-GO is available for display and test drive at Pinnacle Motors, Thrissur.

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