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Friday, April 7, 2017

Arattupuzha Pooram 2017

Arattupuzha Pooram  one of the oldest pooram in Kerala will be held tomorrow 8 April 2017.  The Koottiyezhunnallippu or Devamela (Conglomeration of Gods) of different deities from nearby  temples is the speciality of Arattupuzha Pooram.  A total of 23 deities of various temples from different parts of Thrissur District attend the Pooram and is considered as the oldest temple festival in the Indian subcontinent

The seven day festival come to an end with the Pooram on the last day. The pancharimelam of Aarttupuzha Sasthavu is the largest assembly of percussion artists in any other night Poorams.

Arattupuzha Pooram 2017 Schedule of events

Arattupuzha Pooram - 1192 Meenam 25 (2017 April 08) Saturday
After customary rituals Sastha comes out of temple by 7pm accompanied by fifteen elephants. More than 250 artists takes part in the percussion followed by fireworks. After fireworks Sastha moves to the paddy fields in front of temple to receive all the guests for Devamela (Divine Durbar).

Devasamgamam - 1192 Meenam 25 (2017 April 08) Saturday
Poorams of Gods and Goddesses continue when the Sastha takes his stand at Nilapaaduthara. The slanting ground that lay between the temple and field forms the venue for the festivals of Gods and Goddesses from opposite side, one set coming down and another climbing up.

Ascending poorams begin with Thottippal Bhagawathi accompanined by Chathakkudam Sastha in procession of five decorated elephants with Panchaarimelam. Followed by poorams of Poonilakkavu, Kaduppasseri and Chalakkudi Pisharikkal Bhagawathies one after another.

Descending poorams begin with one of Edakunny Bhagawathi in procession of five decorated elephants Anthikkad Bhagawathi and Choorakkode bhagawathi poorams follows with Six decorated elephants.

Nettissery Sastha's pooram begins from western side of field accompanied by five decorated elephants and Pandimeelam.

Kootti Ezhunnellippu - 1192 Meenam 26 (2017 April 09) Sunday
When star Chothi is seen in the sky, Thriprayr Thevar reaches western part of paddy field with seven elephants and Panchavadyam. After that 21 elephants joins the procession with Paandimeelam.

On reaching the ceremonial place in the paddy field Thevar is accompanied by Urakathammathiruvadi along with Chathakkudam Sastha on the left and Cherpu Bhagavathy on the right. Here in total 71 elephants are paraded. It is believe3d that Lord Mahavishnu is giving blessings to devlotees together with Goddess of Earh(Cherpu Bhagavathy) and Goddess Lakshmi(Urakam Ammathiruvadi. The one and only one grand sight takes you to divine peace.

Kooti Ezhunallippu is also referred as Vaikuntam (where Lord Mahavishnu and other Gods and Godesses are believed to be staying).

Arattu and Upacharam - 1192 Meenam 26 (2017 April 09) Sunday
It is believed that Ganga Devi is present at Mandharam Kadavi (Bhathing Ghat) of Arattupuzha river. After Kootiezhunallippu Lord Thevar with Cherpu Bhagavathy and Urakam Ammathiruvadi proceeds for the holy dip. Special tents are built for the customary rituals and poojas. Thousands takes part in the holy dip.

After Arattu Sastha of Arattupuzha comes out of the temple and say farewell to departing deities. Sastha follows Cherpu Bhagavathy and Urakam Ammathiruvadi till the end of paddy field.

Sastha follows the Thevar to say farewell and administrator of the devaswom announces the next year’s pooram date calculated by Devaswom astrologer. Thevar takes off the Makudam (top of Kolam), considered to be head dress of king in order to express the feeling of departure and starts his way back to Thriprayar temple. Sastha returns to temple accompanied by devotees.

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