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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Zoom Meeting App Video Conference Online Meetings Tutorial Malayalam

Zoom has become one of the trending apps during this Covid19 lock down time. Zoom online video conferencing software is easier to use both in personal computers, tablets, smart TVs and smartphones. Here is a small tutorial on how to use Zoom for online meetings.

First download Zoom app in your PC or smartphones. Zoom can be downloaded from the following link https://zoom.us/download  

After downloading you have to create an account in Zoom by clicking the Sign in button. A sign in is only required if you are planning to convene a meeting. If you are plan to join a meeting as a participant sign in is not necessary.

You can sign up for a free Zoom account at http://zoom.us/signup

Join a meeting
To join a meeting, you have to click on the Join button on the top left corner of the app. Provide the meeting ID there. The meeting ID can be obtained from the person who is convening the meeting. You will be directed to the meeting window in a second or two. You may also join a meeting by going to join.zoom.us and entering in the meeting ID. You can join computer/device audio by clicking Join Audio, Video etc. Audio/Video can be muted by clicking the relevant buttons.

Schedule a meeting
If you plan to call for a meeting you can do so by the Zoom Desktop client or mobile app by clicking the new meeting icon (orange in colour) You will be provided with a personal meeting ID. You have to share the personal meeting ID with your fellow participants for them to join. The personal meeting ID can be shared by going to the Meetings menu and sending invitations through GMail, Messagge, Whatsapp, Messenger etc.

Zoom Computer Video Tutorial - Malayalam

 Zoom Smartphone Video Tutorial - Malayalam Zoom Video Tutorial - English

Posted by Godwin at www.godwinag.blogspot.com

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