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Sunday, June 14, 2020

Strict Regulations in Thrissur Civil Stations, Collectorate, Government Offices

District Collector, Thrissur has issued guidelines to be followed in Government offices in Civil Station, Thrissur and Government Collectorate.

Visitors have been given strict restrictions in the offices of the Civil Station, including the District Collectorate.

Half of the employees will be necessary to attend the offices.
This will be arranged by the respective Heads of Departments. Allow sign-in access only by showing the identity card.
Public access will be limited to the most essential things.
E-mail (tsrcoll.ker@nic.in), WhatsApp (number - 9400044644) and telephone (0487-2360130) should be received directly from the public office.

The public should come to the civil station and produce the identification document. Everyone's name and other information will be recorded in a separate register.
Thermal screening system will be installed on the ground floor entrance for everyone.
The Revenue, Police and Health Department employees have been given the task of strictly implementing these provisions, which are a part of the security of the Covid defense.

Private vehicles arriving at the civil station should be parked in the parking lot near the exit gate.

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